At a showing of Dracula one dark and stormy night, the Monroe family discovers an abandoned rabbit. When they bring him home, resident know-it-all Chester the cat suspects the worst after spying gleaming fangs in the bunny’s mouth. And as vegetables start turning up mysteriously drained of their juices, even easygoing Harold the dog wonders if they have a supernatural menace on their hands. Brave the night and dare to embrace our differences in this musical adaptation of the 1979 book by Deborah and James Howe.

  • YEAR 2018

  • VENUE Lifeline Theatre

  • DIRECTOR Anthony Kayer

  • PRODUCTION MANAGER Jennifer McCleadon

  • PLAYWRIGHT Gina Dogherty

  • SET DESIGNER Michelle Lily

  • LIGHTING DESIGNER Becca Jeffords

  • SOUND DESIGNER Eric Backus

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